Villi Apina
picture book

tekniikka tussi / technique marker pen


A package has came to the post office.


A wild monkey arrives from the package.

Some of us has a hairy body and a  lots of tail and ears.

Some others has a smoother coat  but as many toes.

Wild Monkey is behaving wildly. Mon key is tasting cross the boundries.

Wild Monkey is feeling jungle wild.  


Wild Monkey is getting wet and most of all is watering every place.

Wild Monkey tells good night  stories from the Green Jungle.

Wild Monkey coats the wrong holes.  

Wild Monkey screws up.  

It's enough with the screwing up. A home can not be a jungle.

Wild Monkey is too wild to live  in an ordinary home.

Wild Monkey promises to behave nicely.

And on the other hand - who deserves cage after all?